Discriminatory Policies that impact your Rights

Government Actions

Have you ever heard the phrase, "to preserve the character of the community"? Sometimes seemingly legitimate government actions can be undertaken to prevent certain people from having access to a neighborhood.  Zoning ordinances and other municipal policies can have the effect of segregating communities based on one or more protected classes.  Individuals, organizations, and housing developers have rights under the Fair Housing Act that protect them from illegal discriminatory policies.


Founding attorney Helen Hardiman has years of experience analyzing government policies and practices for housing discrimination. She can help you identify when discrimination may have occurred and what remedies may be available to you to stop it.

Homeowners' Association Policies

Though homeowners' and neighborhood associations are created to serve their communities, sometimes members believe they have the power to unilaterally determine who is an "acceptable neighbor" and who isn't.  Don’t believe an HOA representative that tells you fair housing laws don’t apply to them. Association policies and actions that deny you the full use and enjoyment of your home based on your membership in a protected class are illegal. Hardiman Law can help you fight for justice if a homeowners’ or neighborhood association is discriminating against you.

Discrimination in Real Estate Related Transactions

Redlining is a practice that has been employed by governments, mortgage banks, and insurance companies to starve minority neighborhoods from credit needed to purchase, rehab, and insure housing. In addition to disadvantaging individuals who seek to live in these areas, all current residents of these neighborhoods experience the effects of such discrimination when property values stagnate or fall. 


Individual employees at companies that provide home loans, appraisal services, and housing-related insurance can also discriminate against people because of their membership in one or more protected classes, which is also prohibited by the Fair Housing Act.


Hardiman Law can investigate and review company policies and individual decisions that may have blocked your access to housing to determine if the Fair Housing Act has been violated. We can help you develop a strategy to take corrective action.

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